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EUC World’s future in few words. What’s new in 2023?

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
April 18, 2023

Some time ago I mentioned that almost 90 % of all EUC World users are residents of the northern hemisphere. A hemisphere where the arrival of spring means the start of the riding season. Longer and warmer days and waking nature mean the best conditions for riding on the wheel. I have to say that I have already ridden more than 2,000 kilometres this year, and this is just the beginning!

Anyway, for me, the season lasts all year round. Not only because I try to ride the wheel practically every day, whatever the weather and also in winter. The season lasts all year round for me also because I am continuously developing and improving EUC World – all year round! The year 2023 is special in this respect, because for the past few months I have been working intensively on a new version of the EUC World app – an EUC World 3. A version that, in virtually every aspect, will be a huge step forward compared to the current app. And finally, iPhone users’ dreams will come true, as the new EUC World will work on both Android and iOS! Yeah, I’m excited too. Actually, I found iOS development an interesting experience! 😉

For now, I won’t yet reveal any details about the new EUC World app. I can only say that the new app will be a response to all the comments and suggestions that EUC World users have sent me over the past years and months. The user interface will be significantly improved, while retaining the best of what the current app gives in this regard. Riding safety features, including alerts and notifications, will be vastly improved. The new app will get valuable community features, making EUC World a hub for connecting riders all around the world. Of course it doesn’t mean that current app will not be improved. It will continue to be updated and improved, at least until EUC World 3 won’t get fully tested and proven to be fully functional.

The EUC World website will be significantly improved too. Premium users will gain access to extensive statistics and rankings. The CSV log viewer currently operating at http://wheellogviewer.net will be replaced by a significantly improved CSV log viewer, which will be integrated into the EUC World website. This will make it possible to easily view and analyse the data stored in the CSV logs directly from the EUC World user account. The entire EUC World website will also be made fully compatible with Apple devices.

This year I also intend to publish a number of guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of EUC World. This will be served not only by the EUC World Blog, but also by a video channel on Youtube. We all know that EUC World is full of valuable features that many of you do not use simply because you do not know what they are for or how to use them.

The year 2023 also brings changes to the EUC World project financing model. Changes without which the continued existence of the EUC World project would no longer be possible. From 2022 onwards, I notice a steady increase in EUC World running costs accompanied by a sikgnificant increase in EUC World user base and at the same time substantial decline in support from EUC World users. Therefore, with the future of EUC World in mind, from 1 May 2023 current donation model will be replaced with an annual premium subscription fee of EUR 25. With this subscription, Premium users will not only receive the full functionality of EUC World, but also dedicated support provided by me, personally. So if you’ve been thinking about becoming a Premium user or renewing your Premium account, you can benefit from a lower price only until the end of April 2023!

In the coming months I will be spending more and more time on the development of EUC World. I am especially grateful to all of you for your words of appreciation for what I do. I am happy that, thanks to my work, you can use an app that takes care of your safety, makes riding easier and have more fun. I am convinced that you will be very pleased with the results of the changes, which will gradually be implemented in the coming months.

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