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It's all my passion. Riding electric unicycles. Designing electronic devices. Developing software. Here I mix all this up and share with you. Would you consider supporting my work?

Sebastian Łastowski · 23 April 2019

It all started with my blog and long journeys on my electric unicycle. I wanted to share the route of these trips with others. I wanted to show that riding an electric unicycle can be a great way to explore the world around. I wanted to be able to save not only the route itself, but also the parameters of my wheel - for example, battery consumption, engine load or temperature. I needed an application that would make this possible. Soon it turned out that there will be more people willing to use such an application.

That's how this website was created. That's how the decision was made to extend functionality of already known and popular but somewhat abandoned WheelLog application. This is how I became a WheelLog developer and gave it a new life. This is my hobby. This is my passion. I share all of this for free. I spend not only my time, not only my skills and knowledge. I also spend my financial, although limited resources. That allows me to go forward with WheelLog development.

There are lot of features that could be added to WheelLog. It's possible to extend WheelLog's compatibility by adding support for other wheel models. However, it's usually impossible without buying used wheel for testing and development. Internet connection, running server and it's maintenance, domain name, SSL certificate, map tile service, various hardware and software tools. It all costs and I can afford some of these costs with my limited financial resources. With support from other and WheelLog users I could do things that were impossible or hard to do within reasonable timeframe.

Please, consider supporting my work

It's really easy to support my efforts to provide you and other users with constantly updated WheelLog application and this website. Just make a donation of your choice with PayPal.

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WheelLog is an open-source software and will always be. Free for everyone. But it needs to be actively developed and there were moments in its history, when development of this software was dropped. I would like to keep WheelLog alive for a long time and make it even better and more useful for its users. Similar, I would like to keep free of any ads and keep it fully non-commercial. It's all perfectly possible, but only with support from the whole community of and WheelLog users. Thank you for taking the time to look here. If you also helped me with even the smallest donation, thank you again.

You can always contact me by email - - I'll be happy to answer your questions, thoughs or feature requests. You can also find me on Electric Unicycle Forum, where I'm an active user.

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