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EUC World is a free and open source application for Android devices that provides an interesting alternative to OEM applications. With EUC World you can not only record your tours, but you can monitor speed, battery level and other vital parameters of your electric unicycle. You can instantly get alarms to let you know that you're approaching your wheel limits. You can easily activate horn, turn lights on and off, check your top speed. EUC World may act as a "black box" for your wheel and log detailed data for further analysis. It's based on well-known WheelLog code that has been reworked and significantly improved.

System requirements:

  • Android 5 or newer
  • Bluetooth LE1
  • GPS2 and data connection3

Supported wheels:

  • Gotway
  • King Song
  • Inmotion
  • Ninebot One S2, Z6, Z8 and Z104
1 Bluetooth LE is required for unicycle, smartwatch or Flic button connectivity. You can log your tours without wheel connection, eg. if your unicycle is not yet supported.
2 GPS is required to log your tours and to add location data when logging wheel parameters.
3 Data connection (preferably 3G/4G/LTE) is required to log your tour and use other online services.
4 Support for other Ninebot devices is under development.
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