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Thank you for using EUC World!

I am glad that you have chosen a popular and loved application that helps thousands of electric unicycle users every day. It is the choice of many riders around the world. It accompanies them every time they set off for a ride. It takes care of their safety, tracks unique adventures and lets enjoy the ride even more. It is probably the best-rated, universal application for electric unicycles.

EUC World application and online service
Seba on finish of his expedition from North to South of Poland, 2019

Can you believe there's one man behind all of this?

Here my two passions meet each other - EUC riding and software development. Every week I spend tens of hours working on EUC World, using all my knowledge and experience to give you best possible user experience. All this so that you can use a free, yet very valuable and reliable application. This is my gift for the whole world of electric unicycles. And I'm glad that EUC World serve entire community well.

Just one beer a month.

While EUC World is free for everyone, project maintenance and development requires constant funding. This is why some of EUC World features are available to Premium Users only. If you want to get most of EUC World, consider becoming a Premium User by making donation that will help cover project development and maintenance costs. This will remove any nags and reminders and unlock all features of EUC World. More, you will get priority email support in addition to community support.

I often get user responses like this:
- Sebastian, you've done a great job! Next time a beer is on me!

One beer a month is like 20 EUR a year. A year of benefits resulting from Premium User status - unlocked all features and dedicated support.

Support EUC World.
Become a Premium User.

You can use Visa, Mastercard or PayPal to support EUC World and become a Premium User. Don't forget to enter email address associated with your EUC World account (or just ensure that you're signed in). To avoid eating donation value by processing fees, please consider donation amount that is not less than 5 EUR / USD / GBP or 20 PLN. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me.

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