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Are you an Inmotion V11 owner? Must-read: important safety-related update to Inmotion V11

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
June 1, 2022

Inmotion has released a very important firmware update for the V11. As this is a battery safety related update, all Inmotion V11 users with motherboard firmware versions older than 1.4.15 are requested to update immediately using the official Inmotion app. Below is the original text of V11 Firmware Update Announcement as published by Inmotion (please note that in the context of this text “App” means Inmotion app, not an EUC World app):

Dear INMOTION V11 riders,

INMOTION always prioritize our users’ safety and do our best to provide the highest-quality products and services. To enhance the battery safety, we updated the firmware version to V1.4.15 with following new functions added:

1. Added the voltage alert feature: When the battery voltage difference is greater than 2 V or only part of battery is activated in balanced status, the “Battery” icon flashes. User shall pay attention to the battery safety.

2. Added Battery Alert Level 1: The “Be Careful” alarm will be triggered off when charging up a wheel whose battery voltage difference between 2 battery packs is within 2 V – 5 V. Users can disable the alarm and continue charging after connecting the App and reading precautions. Charging with two chargers simultaneously is not allowed. Place the wheel within your sight, don’t leave the wheel alone. Observe the charging process closely.

3. Added Battery Alert Level 2: The “beep” alarm will be triggered off when charging up a wheel or receiving error message from a wheel whose battery voltage difference between 2 battery packs is greater than 5 V. Please unplug the charger and stop charging immediately, put your wheel at a safe place, upload the vehicle log via App, then contact your dealer for service as soon as possible. For safer and better riding experience, please connect App to your V11 and update the firmware as soon as possible.

Inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd – May 31, 2022

Due to the importance of this update, Inmotion has asked me to distribute this information to Inmotion V11 users using the EUC World application. Since I have always taken the safety of EUC riders very seriously, I am publishging this information as requested by Inmotion. In addition, future EUC World versions (2.18.1 and later), when connected to a V11 that requires a firmware update (motherboard firmware is older than 1.4.15), will display an alert window indicating that a firmware update is needed. Please note – as EUC World does not support firmware updates on Inmotion wheels, you will need to use official Inmotion app. You may need to update this app to the latest version before attempting to update firmware on your V11.

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