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EUC World 2.10.0 has been released

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
November 23, 2021

On November 22, a new update to the EUC World app was published in the Google Store, introducing many new features as well as improvements and fixes. In this article I will introduce you to the most important changes and new features you will find in EUC World 2.10.0 release.

Improved AVAS experience

One feature that users will certainly love is the ability to select and install AVAS sound packs directly from the app menu. More, now you can change sound packs while AVAS is running, and you will hear the changes immediately. Using AVAS features is also much simpler, thanks to the AVAS menu being reorganized and advanced features being moved into a separate menu. At this point, I would like to mention that the library of available sound packs will be expanded in the coming days with more new and very interesting sounds… 🙂

Your wheel doesn’t have BT speakers? Don’t worry, this is not a problem at all, as I have a pro tip for you! Get JBL Flip, JBL Go or any other, portable Bluetooth speaker, pair it with your phone and strap it to your EUC or backpack. This way you can get even more detailed, louder and deeper sound.

Are you an iPhone user? I have another tip for you. Get some cheap or 2nd hand Android phone that will be dedicated for EUC World. This way you can enjoy all of the EUC World features. You can even put it in an armband and use as a readily available dashboard, while having your precious iPhone stored safely in your backpack or jacket pocket. In case of any accident you’re only risking scraping cheap Android device.

Alarms based on wheel beeps

Another highly anticipated feature is the ability to respond to beeps from the wheel. This feature, supported by newer Begode wheels, allows you to retransmit two wheel alarms (beeps) – a 2nd speed beep and so-called “80% beep”. Information about both of these beeps is received by EUC World and can be used to generate a highest priority speed alarm and a safety margin alarm. From now on, wind will no longer be a problem as both alarms can be sensed as a vibration on your phone or watch, as well as heard on your BT speakers or headphones without any problem.

Note that when you enable this feature for the highest priority speed alarm, it will activate regardless whether the speed threshold defined for the alarm is exceeded or 2nd speed beep is detected from the wheel – whatever happens first. The same is true for the safety margin alarm, so it may happen that the safety margin alarm is triggered even though there are no 80% beeps coming from the wheel yet. This is because the safety margin value is calculated by the application with a certain safety reserve. It may therefore be worth reducing the safety margin alarm setting to 10% or even less if you want to rely mainly on wheel 80% beep and avoid premature alarms.

Delay publication of your tour progress

The latest EUC World update also introduces a very useful feature to better protect the privacy of users who share their live tours with others. From now on, it is possible to set the delay with which tour progress will be presented to others. The delay can range from 5 minutes to 3 hours. This way, others will still be able to see the progress of your route, but they will see you as if you were in a place that you have long passed.

Support for newest wheels

Another new feature is support for the newest wheels – Begode Hero, Begode Commander and Veteran Abrams. The unlocking feature for King Song wheels equipped with the latest firmware versions has also been improved. Various fixes and improvements have been made for other wheels as well.

Other changes

Synchronization of recorded tours and data logs has also been improved. The improved synchronization not only improves the performance of the application, but should also reduce the bandwidth usage of the Internet connection quite significantly.

As of November 2021, all app updates published on Google Play must be compatible with scoped storage, introduced as an option in Android 10 and required by Android 11 and later. Because of this, the location of files stored by EUC World in the device’s memory has changed. From now on, data logs (both EUC logs and charging logs) will be saved in the public Downloads folder. Photos and videos recorded with the application’s built-in camera will be saved in the public Pictures and Movies folders respectively. All files created by previous versions of EUC World will still be available in the EUC World folder, but will no longer be available to newer versions of the application.

Are you happy with EUC World? Consider supporting it!

I hope you are happy with the new update. I am continuously working on the development of EUC World to best meet the needs of the entire community of EUC riders around the world. If you appreciate my efforts and want EUC World to continue to be actively developed, please consider supporting the EUC World project. By doing so, you will help me to maintain it and continue its development, which, thanks to the support of users, has been going on continuously for over two years now.

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