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EUC World 2.8.0 has been released

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
August 18, 2021

It’s here! The latest EUC World update version 2.8.0 is now available for download in the Google Play store. Traditionally, working on the development of this application I try to respond to the needs of users as quickly as possible. Therefore, one of the novelties that you will find in this version of the application is almost complete support for Inmotion V12. Since these wheels have already started to hit the market, more and more EUC World users are choosing to purchase it.

Another important new feature is the speed limit alarm, which allows you to avoid tiltbacks caused by dynamic wheel speed limitation (also known as speed throttling). As we know, some wheels limit their maximum speed as the battery charge decreases. So even if you’ve set your wheel tiltback speed to eg. 50 km/h, actual speed limit may be significantly lower. For these wheels, riding with a discharged battery can result in unexpected tiltbacks. Tiltbacks that are not only annoying, but in some cases may cause unexperienced users to loose stability and fall. Yeah, I know – really scary scenario.

The speed limit alarm can in advance warn you when you are approaching the current speed limit, giving time to react and thus avoid tiltback. But please keep in mind that it will only work in selected wheels, runnning latest firmare versions. This include newer King Song and Inmotion wheels, also Veteran Sherman should be supported (although it wasn’t tested yet). Speed limit alarm will be improved in future versions, by including tiltback speed as set in wheel settings.

I strongly encourage you to upgrade to version 2.8.0, as in addition to the new features it contains a number of improvements and bug fixes that were reported by users of previous versions. As EUC World evolves, some features in older versions of the app may no longer work. Older versions of the application are also not covered by technical support.

More details about 2.8.0 version can be found in release notes.

While you’re here…

If you are not a Premium user, please consider supporting the EUC World project by making even a small donation. Please remember – the EUC World project exists not only because of my work and commitment, but also because of the support of users. Without this support I will not be able to continue to fund the running costs and further development of EUC World. Of course, by supporting EUC World project, you also gain access to unique features not available to regular users.

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