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Privacy masking

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
November 23, 2021

From now on you can define arbitrary amount of zones inside which your location will not be visible on your tour maps. Using this feature, you can mark areas where your home, workplace, school etc. are located. Parts of your tours that pass through your privacy zones will not be revealed to others. The “Privacy zones” feature is available in the user account menu after signing in to EUC World website. Importantly, you can add, edit, and delete zones at any time. Any changes will immediately be applied to all your tours, including those you have previously recorded or will be recorded in the future. Privacy zones not only limit the visibility of private parts of your tours, but also affect the display of other information – such as distance, duration etc.

I encourage you to test the privacy masking feature for yourself. Note that this feature only works if you are not logged in to EUC World website. So, while editing the privacy zones in one browser tab, it is a good idea to open another browser tab in “incognito” mode and view the route map changes there. Don’t forget to refresh the tour map after making any changes to your privacy zones.

This is not the only EUC World feature designed to protect your privacy. Another feature, introduced in EUC World 2.10 application update is the option of delaying the publication of tour progress. With this feature enabled, when you share your tour live (both by setting its visibility to public or by sharing tour link with others), you can make others to see you in a place where you are already long gone. You can specify a delay between 5 minutes and 3 hours.

Please note – all privacy features of EUC World are not intended to be used for really sensitive locations. For example, by overlapping huge amount of tour maps it’s theoretically possible to reveal privacy zones borders, at least partially. While any locations inside will still be hidden, location and shape of your privacy zones may be of a hint for someone interested what’s inside of your privacy zone. In this case it’s best to record tours that are visible only to you or just to avoid recording tours near these locations.

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