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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll the most frequently asked questions I get from users. It is very likely that you will find the answer to your question there as well. If your question isn’t answered here, there are other options to get support.


EUC World supports all modern electric unicycles:

  • Begode (all models)
  • Gotway (all models)
  • Inmotion (all models)
  • King Song (all models)
  • Ninebot (all models)
  • Rockwheel (GT16)
  • Solowheel (Glide 2 and Glide 3)
  • Veteran (all models)

EUC World require at least Android 6 or newer (while it may work on some devices running Android 5, it’s no longer officially supported). Your device has to be compatible with Bluetooth 4 or newer, as Bluetooth 4 is required for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Of course, more RAM, CPU gigahertz and CPU cores is better. Because EUC World is intended to work continuously and stay connected with your wheel during entire ride, it will draw more power from battery. Having a device with larger battery is a good idea.

Some EUC World features require GPS. Also you may need Internet connection, however EUC World app doesn’t require that this connection will be always available. Especially, you don’t need cellular connection/data plan to use these features. In most cases, an occasional connection to the Internet via WiFi will suffice.

While EUC World works great without any other peripherials, you may enhance your experience by using special companion app running on a smartwatch. Currently, following watches are supported by EUC World:

  • Pebble
  • Android Wear 1.4 and newer
  • Wear OS
  • Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4

Garmin Connect IQ (Approach, Captain Marvel, D2, Darth Vader, Descent, Enduro, fēnix, First Avenger, Forerunner, MARQ, Rey, Venu, vivoactive) companion app is under development. Estimated release date is March 2022.

EUC World is an Android application written in a native environment which ensures its reliability and quality. While there are plans to port the application to iOS, it will require a lot of work and time. Therefore, I am currently unable to determine when EUC World for iOS will be available.

But I have an idea for you. Please consider buying an inexpensive Android phone that you will use specifically for EUC World. Such a solution has another advantage – in case of an accident, you risk damaging your cheap Android device. Meanwhile, your precious iPhone, stored safely in your backpack, will be protected.

You can even consider using a Lemfo Lem T or TicWris Max – fully-featured Android phones in a larger smartwatch form factor.

User Account

EUC World uses some online features that are served by EUC World servers. To securely access these services, user has to be authenticated. In addition, EUC World allows you to record your tours, share them with others, store data logs, download AVAS sound packs, access personal statistics, view user rankings and many more. These features would be impossible without an account.

I understand this perfectly! I too value my privacy very much, and in addition, I am one of the most active users of EUC World. That’s why I want this project to give everyone the protection I want for myself.

EUC World is a non-commercial project maintained entirely by donations from users and sponsors. For this reason, you will not find advertising, analytics or any profiling tools here. The logos of companies you’ll see at the bottom of the homepage just link to their websites. They are there only to thank these companies for their support. I also do not share any user data with third parties. And your email address is only used for me to comply with EU law and to allow you to log in and manage your account. Only on very rare occasions will I send you an email that contains important changes or news you should know about.

Remember – you can always create a separate email account dedicated to EUC World. Just remember to always have access to it.

There are two possibilities. Either you made a mistake in your email address or you did not activate your account. When you created your account, an email containing an activation link was sent to the email address you provided. In order to activate your account, you must click on this link.

If you made a typo in your email address, the activation email could not be delivered. In this case please register again, taking care to ensure that your email address is correct. Your chosen user name will be available again 24 hours after unsuccessful registration.

It is also possible that the activation email was classified as spam by your email provider’s server. In that case, it may have ended up in your “Spam” folder, but it may also have been rejected. For example, Hotmail is known to occasionally reject emails sent from EUC World servers. You can try adding info@euc.world to your whitelist and try registering again after 24 hours. Otherwise, try registering with a different email address or even different email provider.

You can easily reset your password here.


EUC World is a non-commercial, community-supported project that includes Android application, companion apps for smartwatches, website and online services. Because this is a niche project (as niche as our wheels are), it is expensive to develop and maintain. On the other hand, all the most important features of EUC World are available completely free of charge. In order for this project to exist and be continuously developed, ongoing funding is needed. For this reason, every user can make a voluntary donation in the amount of their choice. The funds from these donations are used to cover costs of EUC World project development and maintenance. At the same time, every user who donates to EUC World in this way receives access to Premium features for a time depending on the amount of support given. In this way, everyone is treated fairly.

No! Each donation is a one-time payment that will not be automatically recurring. You can extend the validity of your premium account at any time by making another donation. When your Premium account expires, you can continue to use EUC World as a regular user.

You can check the expiration date of your premium account at any time by accessing the application menu or logging in to the EUC World website.

First of all, you will be a part of an elite group of EUC World users who have decided to support the development of this unique amd helpful application. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of many exclusive features, dedicated only to Premium users like AVAS, video recording with speedometer overlay, live weather information, personal heatmap and more. You’ll also get priority support and get rid of messages encouraging you to support EUC World.

The validity period of the Premium account is proportional to the amount of the donation made. Since EUC World is a Polish project, the base currency is Polish Zloty. A donation of 10 PLN means exactly 40 days of validity for a Premium account. For donations made in other currencies (EUR, USD, GBP), the validity period of the Premium account depends on the current exchange rate.

For simplicity, we can assume that a donation of 20 EUR, 25 USD or 18 GBP corresponds to approximately one year of validity of Premium account.

It’s best to sign in to EUC World before making donation. In cases where user isn’t signed in, donations are associated with your account based on your email address. If you provided a different email address when making your donation than the one you provided when creating your EUC World account, your donation will not be able to be associated with your account.

If you have this problem, please email support@euc.world with your payment information and either your EUC World username or the email address associated with your EUC World account.

Currently no. Much of the costs I incur in maintaining the EUC World project are recurring costs. For this reason, it is important that user support is also periodic. This also makes it easier for me to secure the ongoing development of the project, which translates into user satisfaction.

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