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World’s Top 30 Wheels Of 2022

Sebastian "Seba" Łastowski
February 11, 2023

EUC World is not only an excellent and constantly evolving application that keeps you safe every day and allows you to enjoy your wheel even more. EUC World is more than that. It is a project aimed at popularizing electric unicycles around the world. The project’s huge database is an excellent source of statistical data, which, after being fully anonymized, can be of great interest to you, but also extremely helpful to manufacturers and dealers of electric unicycles.

It is thanks to the data of the EUC World project that we can find out today what wheels were the best in 2022 according to various criteria. And I am sure that the data presented below may surprise many of you. Probably this is due to the fact that what we see in social media does not necessarily correspond to what happens in the real world. For example, in the real world relatively lightweight wheels are still the most popular and majoroty of riders do not ride as fast as popular videos on the Internet would suggest. However, it is also apparent that suspension is what the EUC community has been waiting for. Well, but let’s get to the actual data. I’m pretty sure you’ll draw your own conclusions 🙂

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by number of users

#EUC Model% of total number of users
1King Song KS-S1811,07 %
2Inmotion V119,53 %
3King Song KS-16X7,96 %
4Veteran Sherman7,19 %
5King Song KS-16S6,36 %
6King Song KS-18XL5,08 %
7Begode Nikola Plus4,79 %
8Inmotion V10F4,53 %
9Inmotion V124,36 %
10King Song KS-S224,35 %
11Begode Master4,26 %
12Begode Msuper X (84 V)4,04 %
13Begode RS C303,98 %
14Begode RS C383,66 %
15Inmotion V8F3,4 %
16Begode EX.N3,37 %
17Begode Mten 3 (84 V)2,93 %
18Inmotion V82,92 %
19King Song KS-18L2,76 %
20Begode MCM 5 V22,61 %
21King Song KS-14D2,45 %
22Inmotion V5F2,41 %
23Veteran Sherman Max2,32 %
24Begode Tesla 22,32 %
25Begode Msuper Pro C382 %
26Begode MCM 5 (84 V)1,67 %
27Ninebot One Z101,64 %
28Begode Msuper Pro C301,57 %
29Begode Monster Pro1,5 %
30Inmotion V101,42 %

The first place in this ranking is held by King Song 18S, followed closely by the Inmotion V11. Both of these wheels were the first suspended unicycles and debuted on the market roughly at the same time. Despite the various problems that accompany all technical innovations and also accompanied the first batches of these wheel, today they are proven and relatively lightweight suspension wheels with versatile characteristics. In third place we find the King Song 16X, and for many of you this may be surprising. The fourth, well-deserved place is occupied by the Veteran Sherman, followed again by two surprises – King Song KS-16S and KS-18XL. However, the phenomenon of both wheels can be explained in a very simple way. Both of these wheels are proven, reliable designs that are still being manufactured and sold, despite their age. The 16S is a relatively very lightweight, 16-inch traditional wheel that is perfect for urban riding. The 18XL is, for many, one of the best wheels ever produced. It is perfect for both city and long-distance riding. It is reliable, resistant to all weather conditions and very comfortable – all out of the box. The relatively high range and great handling complete the picture of a wheel for which the sixth place on the list of the world’s most popular wheels is most deserved. Also, don’t forget that wheels that have been on the market for a long time will rank higher in this ranking.

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by number of rides

#EUC model% of total number of rides
1King Song KS-S189,08 %
2Inmotion V117,39 %
3Veteran Sherman6,74 %
4King Song KS-16X6,01 %
5Begode Nikola Plus4,72 %
6Begode EX.N4,22 %
7King Song KS-18XL4,03 %
8Begode RS C303,9 %
9King Song KS-16S3,57 %
10Begode Msuper X (84 V)3,21 %
11Begode RS C383,15 %
12King Song KS-S222,61 %
13Inmotion V10F2,54 %
14Inmotion V122,33 %
15Begode Master1,99 %
16Veteran Sherman Max1,86 %
17Begode Msuper Pro C381,79 %
18King Song KS-18L1,7 %
19Begode MCM 5 V21,69 %
20Inmotion V8F1,66 %
21Inmotion V81,64 %
22Begode Monster Pro1,55 %
23Begode Msuper Pro C301,41 %
24King Song KS-14D1,4 %
25Begode Tesla 21,31 %
26Begode Mten 3 (84 V)1,08 %
27Begode Tesla T31,04 %
28Begode Nikola Plus Plus1,01 %
29Ninebot One Z100,9 %
30Begode Msuper X (100 V)0,85 %

Well, this ranking looks pretty similar to previous one. There are, admittedly, some small differences, but in general we can see a correlation saying that the more wheels are owned by users, the more often they are used for riding. Quite obvious thing. Let’s go into another rankings that tell us more about riding style of their owners.

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by average riding speed

#EUC modelAvg riding speed (km/h)Avg riding speed (mph)
1Veteran Abrams28,3 km/h17,6 mph
2Begode Monster Pro27,6 km/h17,2 mph
3Begode Commander C3026,5 km/h16,5 mph
4Veteran Sherman26,1 km/h16,2 mph
5Begode EX.N25,9 km/h16,1 mph
6Veteran Sherman Max25,7 km/h16 mph
7Begode Master25,1 km/h15,6 mph
8Begode RS C3023,9 km/h14,8 mph
9Begode Msuper X (100 V)23,7 km/h14,7 mph
10Begode EX23,4 km/h14,6 mph
11King Song KS-S2223,3 km/h14,5 mph
12Begode Monster V3 (100 V)22,7 km/h14,1 mph
13Begode Monster (100 V)22,5 km/h14 mph
14Begode Commander C3822,5 km/h14 mph
15Begode Msuper Pro C3022,3 km/h13,8 mph
16Begode Nikola Plus Plus22,3 km/h13,9 mph
17Begode Monster (84 V)22,3 km/h13,9 mph
18Begode Nikola Plus22,1 km/h13,7 mph
19Inmotion V1222 km/h13,6 mph
20Begode RS C30 Plus21,8 km/h13,5 mph
21Begode Msuper Pro C3821,7 km/h13,5 mph
22Inmotion V1121,5 km/h13,3 mph
23Begode RS C3821,5 km/h13,4 mph
24Begode Nikola20,9 km/h13 mph
25Begode Hero C3820,8 km/h12,9 mph
26Begode RS C38 Plus20,8 km/h12,9 mph
27King Song KS-S1820 km/h12,5 mph
28Begode Msuper X (84 V)19,9 km/h12,4 mph
29King Song KS-16X19,3 km/h12 mph
30Begode Msuper 3 (84 V)19,3 km/h12 mph

This ranking shows the average speed at which wheel users ride. The average does not include stopping time, so it represents rider behavior quite well. Probably many of you will be surprised by these speeds, especially if you relate them to wheels such as Begode Master or King Song S22. However, it should not be forgotten that the videos we see on social media show selected feats of a small group of the most dynamic riders. Most people ride much more conservatively.

The speed data was measured via GPS, so any speed corrections made by the user in the app do not affect the reliability of the data. On the other hand, some small measurement errors are possible, due to the peculiarities of GPS, but the averaging process eliminates such errors quite effectively.

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by average of max riding speeds

#EUC modelAvg max speed (km/h)Avg max speed (mph)
1Begode Commander C3054,1 km/h33,6 mph
2Begode Monster Pro53,5 km/h33,2 mph
3Veteran Abrams52,5 km/h32,6 mph
4Begode EX.N52,4 km/h32,6 mph
5Veteran Sherman51,7 km/h32,1 mph
6Veteran Sherman Max51,4 km/h31,9 mph
7Begode Master51,2 km/h31,8 mph
8Begode RS C3048,3 km/h30 mph
9King Song KS-S2247,1 km/h29,3 mph
10Begode Monster V3 (100 V)45,9 km/h28,5 mph
11Begode Commander C3845,9 km/h28,5 mph
12Begode EX45,4 km/h28,2 mph
13Begode Msuper X (100 V)44,9 km/h27,9 mph
14Begode Msuper Pro C3044,9 km/h27,9 mph
15Begode Nikola Plus44,1 km/h27,4 mph
16Inmotion V1243,8 km/h27,2 mph
17Begode Nikola Plus Plus43,6 km/h27,1 mph
18Begode RS C3843,3 km/h26,9 mph
19Begode Monster (100 V)43,1 km/h26,8 mph
20Begode RS C38 Plus42,8 km/h26,6 mph
21Begode Msuper Pro C3842,5 km/h26,4 mph
22Begode RS C30 Plus42,2 km/h26,2 mph
23Inmotion V1141,3 km/h25,6 mph
24Begode Hero C3841,2 km/h25,6 mph
25Begode Nikola40,4 km/h25,1 mph
26Begode Tesla (84 V)39,5 km/h24,6 mph
27Begode Msuper X (84 V)38,8 km/h24,1 mph
28Begode Monster (84 V)38,5 km/h23,9 mph
29King Song KS-S1837,7 km/h23,4 mph
30King Song KS-18XL36,9 km/h23 mph

This ranking shows the average of the maximum speeds that riders reached on their wheels in 2022. This data was also measured using GPS. There are rather no surprises here, the highest places are occupied by the fastest wheels. In addition, it shows some technical aspects very well, such as the differences between C30 and C38 motors.

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by average distance of a ride

#EUC modelAvg distance (km)Avg distance (mi)
1Veteran Sherman Max23,6 km14,7 mi
2Begode Monster Pro23,5 km14,6 mi
3Begode Commander C3822,9 km14,2 mi
4Veteran Sherman21,3 km13,2 mi
5Veteran Abrams20 km12,4 mi
6Begode Commander C3018,6 km11,6 mi
7Begode EX.N18 km11,2 mi
8Begode Master17,2 km10,7 mi
9Begode Hero C3817,2 km10,7 mi
10King Song KS-S2215,5 km9,7 mi
11Begode EX15,5 km9,6 mi
12Begode Monster (84 V)15,2 km9,4 mi
13Begode Nikola Plus Plus14,6 km9 mi
14Inmotion V1213,5 km8,4 mi
15Begode RS C3812,8 km7,9 mi
16Inmotion V1112,6 km7,8 mi
17Begode Nikola Plus12,5 km7,8 mi
18Begode Monster (100 V)12,5 km7,8 mi
19King Song KS-18XL12,5 km7,7 mi
20Begode Msuper Pro C3812,4 km7,7 mi
21Begode RS C3012,2 km7,6 mi
22Begode Msuper X (100 V)12,2 km7,6 mi
23Begode Msuper Pro C3011,5 km7,2 mi
24Begode Monster V3 (100 V)11,1 km6,9 mi
25King Song KS-16X11,1 km6,9 mi
26King Song KS-S1810,8 km6,7 mi
27Begode RS C38 Plus10,4 km6,5 mi
28Begode Msuper 3 (84 V)10,2 km6,4 mi
29King Song KS-16XS10,2 km6,3 mi
30Begode Nikola10 km6,2 mi

The average ride distance allows us to guess how a particular wheel is used in practice. As expected, unicycles with a smaller battery or smaller wheel size will be further down the rankings. The limitation is not only the range, but also the comfort of the ride and the ability to cope with rough road conditions. Again, the top spot will be occupied by wheels that have a particularly large battery. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Begode Monster Pro and Veteran family wheels are in the first places, proving that they are the true kings of long distance.

World’s Top 30 Wheels – by total distance

#EUC modelTotal distance (km)Total distance (mi)
1Veteran Sherman807 428 km501 819 mi
2King Song KS-S18553 562 km344 041 mi
3Inmotion V11525 303 km326 478 mi
4Begode EX.N427 515 km265 702 mi
5King Song KS-16X374 270 km232 611 mi
6Begode Nikola Plus331 850 km206 246 mi
7King Song KS-18XL282 667 km175 679 mi
8Begode RS C30267 705 km166 380 mi
9Veteran Sherman Max248 076 km154 180 mi
10King Song KS-S22228 238 km141 851 mi
11Begode RS C38226 122 km140 536 mi
12Begode Monster Pro204 543 km127 124 mi
13Begode Master192 103 km119 393 mi
14Inmotion V12176 666 km109 799 mi
15Begode Msuper X (84 V)175 650 km109 167 mi
16King Song KS-16S147 898 km91 919 mi
17Inmotion V10F129 307 km80 365 mi
18Begode Msuper Pro C38124 390 km77 309 mi
19Begode Msuper Pro C3091 461 km56 844 mi
20King Song KS-18L89 284 km55 491 mi
21Begode Nikola Plus Plus82 749 km51 429 mi
22Begode Commander C3077 166 km47 959 mi
23Begode MCM 5 V261 943 km38 498 mi
24Inmotion V861 379 km38 147 mi
25Begode Msuper X (100 V)58 440 km36 320 mi
26Inmotion V8F53 689 km33 368 mi
27Begode Tesla T351 233 km31 842 mi
28Begode Commander C3851 034 km31 718 mi
29Begode Tesla 248 636 km30 228 mi
30King Song KS-16XS45 698 km28 401 mi

The last ranking shows the total distance traveled by all wheels of a given model. It is, so to speak, a derivative of the other two rankings, namely ranking by average ride distance and ranking by number of rides. However, it is here so that we can see the popularity of individual wheels reflected by the distance ridden on them. Once again, we see that the top spots are occupied by the good old big wheels.

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Few words about data source and methodology used to create World’s Top 30 Wheels Of 2022

The statistics cover the entire year 2022 and is based on ride records from that period. Rides shorter than one kilometer has been excluded. The ranking covers the entire world geographically. Note, however, that the data presented above may differ from real life data to some extent. This is due to the fact that not every user of an electric unicycle is also a user of EUC World, moreover, not every user of EUC World always use the app while riding. However, the amount of data collected allows us to assume that the statistical value of the collected data is relatively high – all rankings were based on data from 562 280 rides, during which 13 099 users rode a total of 6 942 786 kilometers (4 314 047 miles).

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